DMC complies with 17 USC § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). It is our policy to respond to a digital Millennium notification and take appropriate action against Copyright ("DMCA") and other comprehensive intellectual property laws.

You should contact Vara your copyrighted material. Do not forget to review your positive evaluations of those who have passed without benefiting from their rights, damages (consisting of expenses and lawyers) on our site. To obtain this legal aid, first consult with a lawyer.

Your copyright endorsement cannot be claimed: Infringement is recognized
instances of the owner entitled to the exclusive right.
Our ability to communicate adequately to communicate with you. Also option to add an email address.
Include at least one search term in the search results of the education that is educated to benefit from the protected education preferred by the violator.
It is not given by a business that the complaining party believes in good faith, which is not granted to unrepresented persons who do not have the right to benefit from the educational use.
notice will be given of your alleged exclusive right that is allegedly subject to lying, which is believed to have been given notice of the alleged exclusive right.
Infringing information must be signed by authorized persons to be the owner of the rights.

Submit a violation notification via our contact page or send it to

Please allow 1-3 business days for email message. Remember that your complaint similarly to your street demonstrations by e-mail will speed up response to your request and may result in delayed due to infrequent complaints.

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