ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App

ColibriSM Mobile App is the Official Mobile Application of the Colibri Social Media Platform. YOU WILL NEED THE BACKEND SCRIPT FOR THIS APP TO WORK AND THAT IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App

ColibriSM Mobile Flutter App

ColibriSM Mobile App

ColibriSM Mobile App is the Official Mobile Application of the Colibri Social Media Platform. YOU WILL NEED THE BACKEND SCRIPT FOR THIS APP TO WORK AND THAT IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

As you know, the Colibri Social Media Platform is one of the best options for starting your own social network, forum, news portal or even a media platform.

ColibriSM Mobile App

Key Features of the ColibriSM Mobile App:

- Stories
- Dark Theme
- Upload Images & Videos from your device
- Chat System
- Notifications System
- Like & Comment
- Post Sharing & Reposting
- Post Reply
- Bookmark System
- Account Privacy
- Profile Verification
- Link Fetch
- Youtube Fetch
- @ and # Fetch
- Video and Image Modals
- Menu Drawers
- Timeline Image Grid
- Change Language
- Polls
- Report profile and post
- And much more

What kind of technology used?

ColibriSM Mobile App was updated to Flutter version 3.3.2, Dart 2.16.x, Kotlin 1.6.21

Server requirements [For Webview]

- PHP 5.5 or Higher. (We strongly recommend using the latest PHP version as well as MySQL server)

- MySQLi

- GD Library

- MBstring

- cURL

- PHP Zip Module

Demo Credentials

In order to test the app capabilities, you can sign up via the app or utilize your login created on the ColibriSM web platform. iOS and Android demo apps are in their respective stores.


To view documentation on how to set up and install ColibriSM Mobile App, please check the PDF document in the project files.


Next Release v1.2.2

- Pending…


v1.2.1 (2 DECEMBER 2022)

- [Update] Flutter update 3.3.4

- [Update] Play icon and positioning

- [Update] Increase stories size

- [Update] Profile page

- [Fixed] Dark theme issues

- [Fixed] Messages avatar

- [Fixed] Messages back button function

- [Fixed] Stories video selection

- [Fixed] Stories image capture back arrow

- [Fixed] Stories image capture checkmark function

- [Fixed] Image contrasting with background (Border added)

- [Fixed] @ someone replaces with a link

- [Fixed] Truncated usernames no timeline

v1.2.0 (16 OCTOBER 2022)

- [Update] Flutter update 3.3.2

- [Update] Dark theme

- [Update] Added stories

- [Update] Mobile app font (Inter)

- [Update] Bottom navigation section

- [Update] Image and video modal

- [Fixed] Settings issues

v1.1.9 (12 JUNE 2022)

- [Fixed] Timeline content not displaying after a few posts

- [Fixed] Link fetch undefined timeline issue

v1.1.8 (29 MAY 2022)

- [Fixed] Multiple image uploaded showing same image when scrolling on modal

- [Fixed] Link fetch removing post content and media after posting

- [Fixed] Publishing post produces a white screen after clicking the publish button

- [Fixed] Scrolling to bottom of timeline partially hides the last post

- [Fixed] Post reply screen shows overflow error

v1.1.7 (24 MAY 2022)

- [Update] Flutter 3.0 *not all packages have been migrated to flutter 3.0 yet so there will be warnings. Project files will still compile

- [Fixed] Issue with some settings section not working

- [Fixed] Home timeline red screen error

- [Fixed] Overflow issues in post a reply screen

- [Fixed] Arabic left menu issue

- [Fixed] Timeline image X issues

- [Fixed] Setting account privacy not displaying

v1.1.6 (21 MAY 2022)

- [Update] Changed to new URL

- [Update] Added off-line detailed documentation

v1.1.5 (31 MARCH 2022)

- [Update] Flutter update 2.10.1

- [Update] UI changes

- [Update] Update post menu links similar to twitter. Remove drawer function.

- [Update] Hide social logins until web view is able to add Apple Login so that app store can accept it.

- [Update] Add log out link at the bottom of the side drawer menu

- [Update] Add Block User feature in post and profile

- [Fix] Push notifications don’t always show up when app is closed.

- [Fix] Profile following/followers are still being hidden behind the timeline on certain screens sizes.

- [Fix] Username is partially hidden behind the profile avatar

- [Fix] Post reply textarea too small. Words are being cut off.

- [Fix] Others

v1.1.4 (12 FEBURARY 2022)

- [Update] Flutter 2.8 package and library

- [Update] Timeline bottom bar

- [Update] Autoplay for videos on timeline

- [Update] Notification Delete Selected update

- [Fixed] Login/sign up hidden password

- [Fixed] Profile bio area

- [Fixed] Comment thread addition

v1.1.3 (14 NOVEMBER 2021)

- [Added] Post reply refresh

- [Update] Removed blue header on Post thread

- [Update] New Post Screen

- [Update] Video and link fetch image issue

- [Update] UI fixes

- [Update] Ad UI re-design and interaction row

- [Update] Reply section on post thread

- [Fixed] Arabic left menu issue

- [Fixed] Male/Female translations in all languages

v1.1.2 (4 NOVEMBER 2021)

- [Added] Fetch @ and # content in post reply’s

- [Update] Landscape mode disabled

- [Fixed] Settings grey screen issue when Username, Email address and Delete account is clicked.

- [Fixed] Image modal issue in message

- [Fixed] Language switch issue for some languages

- [Fixed] Limit additional click options for Image and video icon

v1.1.1 (29 OCTOBER 2021)

- [Update] Flutter upgrade 2.5.3

- [Update] Polls

- [Update] Report Post

- [Update] Report Profile

- [Update] Copy message contents

- [Update] Link functionality in messages

- [Update] Decreased image and video radius

- [Update] Replaced app icons

- [Update] Delete button for thread comments

- [Update] Image and video modal redesign

- [Update] Change menu icon to profile image

- [Update] Video play button update

- [Fixed] Deleting notifications issue

- [Fixed] Followers/Followings language change

v1.1.0 (30 SEPTEMBER 2021)

- [Update] UI changes

- [Fixed] Emojicon display issue

- [Fixed] Translated text issue

- [Fixed] Message truncating

- [Fixed] Message profile picture display

v1.0.9 (26 SEPTEMBER 2021)

- [Added] Language change

- [Update] Refactored app

- [Update] Removed “About us not available” when no text is shown

- [Update] Removed “more” in the about section when text is truncated

- [Update] Hide url icon when no URL available

- [Update] Android back button to previous screens before closing app

- [Update] Font optimization

- [Update] Profile UI

- [Update] Message UI

- [Fixed] Compiled apk errors

- [Fixed] Removed unnecessary libraries

- [Fixed] Large file sizes

- [Fixed] Ability to log in with wrong password

- [Fixed] Video player loading issue

- [Fixed] Multiple device login API connection issues

- [Fixed] Clicking on username redirection issue

v1.0.8 (19 JULY 2021)

- [Fixed] Grey area on timeline when scrolling

- [Fixed] Home icon issue

- [Fixed] Glitches on timeline when scrolling

- [Fixed] Timeline loading issues

v1.0.7 (25 JUNE 2021)

- [Fixed] Deleting post from profile

- [Fixed] Repost not showing on profile feed

- [Fixed] Following and Followers partially hidden in profile

- [Fixed] Image load and modal in messages

- [Added] Flutter 2.0 Update

- [Added] Update on some UIs

- [Added] Image and Video link fetch

- [Added] Timeline image grid

- [Added] Image and Video modal with post icons

- [Added] Drawer menus

- [Added] Updated menu with ads/affiliates web view links

- [Added] FAB button

- [Added] In-app notifications

- [Added] New Post UI

- [Added] @name and #hashtags fetch

v1.0.1 – v1.0.6 (22 MAY 2021)


v1.0.0 (15 MAY 2021)

- Version 1.0.0 released on 15 May 2021

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